Its your Orchestra, its your team, lets make a Symphony together

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Paying exorbitant subscription amount for Team Collaboration software?

Your expanding team will have greater needs of communication. The more they connect – the more effective the Business Operations is going to be. But this growth need not come at increasing cost of monhtly per user subscriptions. At collabmeetings, we help you to setup industry leading open source team collaboration sofwtare to ensure that team communication goes unhindered with no risk of exponential cost increase.

Worried about your video / audio / chat data security and loss of control ?

We are uniting our resources around this challenge, so as to make it easy for Businesses to support their teams. With multiple open source solutions available in the market, we believe you can take advantage of local deployments to manage your privacy and team communications. You can have your infra at your home office, or own personal/corporate AWS/Azure Accounts, and we help you setup the Audio/Video solution

Enable your Team to operate at maximum efficiency


Are you a School/College?

Your student needs a secure / private channel to connect and communication with your Teachers. Every student data / classroom need to be controlled against privacy intrusion. Connect with us for a obligation free discussion on advantages of privately managed Team collaboration software


Are you a small business?

Every business whether it be large or small, is affected due to ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Team collaboration software helps you to connect with your customers and partners more effectively. Please do get in touch to understand a larger brand value proposition with your meetings URL


Are you an Institute?

You have to constantly share assignments, courses, and be in touch to address queries in groups / discussion forums. And with increasing remote coaching needs, it is more likely to have a students get private space for brainstorming sessions. We can help. Write to us at below coordinates


Are you a large business?

With a large team, your communication channels are in hundreds and there is no better way to audit / control the data growth, in a cost effective way, unless your define your own policies and regulations, in your own infra – and not a shared service SaaS. Get in touch for a strong exchange of ideas / consulting

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