Open source video conferencing software benefits

Open source video conferencing software let you create personalized video conference room.

The importance of chat and video conferencing in the current ongoing pandemic and possibly as the new normal for future is well understood. It helps in significantly boosting efficiency in your communications with your team and customer collaboration. Due to such increased demand, commercialized collaboration software has accelerated adoption of leading enterprise tools such as Skype, Zoom, MS Teams, and many more.

Small businesses, may have an initial advantage in the beginning of the freemium model but eventually moving towards paid subscription model – based on the usage of the software. For large enterprises, it becomes challenging given the data privacy, storage and terms and conditions, of leveraging a shared service video conferencing model. And then the cost of a Enterprise only software balloons starting from licences to infra management.

Therefore, more and more companies prefer open-source conferencing over such subscription over cloud or Enterprise only apps. Rocketchat for chat collaboration, Jitsi for video conferencing are great examples of massively scalable, high quality software which can be deployed in your own infra or your own private cloud account

Merit of open source video conferencing software

  • Privacy intact
  • One time cost
  • Complete control of meetings content
  • Custom modification to suit business needs
  • Protection from spam
  • Scalability at low cost
  • Your own brand, your own company URL for meetings

Open-source video conferencing is a boon. The participant can modify it as per the client’s/employee’s need and concern. Whether you are a professor teaching students through slideshows, or you are a business leader wanting to maximize productivity, all of that could be done in your personal, white labeled, branded, cost effective, open source team collaboration software. The one time setup outlives the monthly subscription plans.

Private data is completely safe with software that is hosted in your personal/cloud infra. Breach of privacy is the first thing that has to be protected in case of sensitive data.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form.

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  • Asia Pacific : 23 Aerodrome Driveway, Schofields NSW 27162 Australia
  • North Americas :  49209 Sweet Pea Terrace, Fremont, CA – 94539


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